Fit for Life/Fitness & Fat Loss

The first thing you need to understand is that fat tissue and muscle tissue are two separate things. Muscle cannot turn into fat, and fat cannot turn into muscle. Muscle, or lean tissue is made of approximately 75% water. The more muscle tissue you have the more calories your body will burn even at rest. In comparison, fat tissue is only 10% water, and does not burn more calories at rest like muscle tissue. High body fat can lead to heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol. To decrease body fat a combination of cardio, weight training and good nutrition is the key. Ideally you should do resistance training working all of the major muscle groups at least two to three times per week. Next you need to do some form of aerobic training for a minimum of 20 minutes daily, activities such as fast walking, running, aerobic classes, cycling, swimming, etc. Eat protein and healthy carbohydrates spaced throughout the day in small meals.

Many people become cardio junkies. It is important to train the whole body, the neuro-muscular system, the skeletal system, nervous system and circulatory system. You need to take care of your body machine. A total body workout includes; cardio, strength training, core stability training, and flexibility training. There are many different types of training, aerobic and dance classes, pilates, cycling, running, sports, swimming, strength training, functional training, etc.  Don't get stuck with one kind of training, variety is the key to a well rounded, healthy body.